About Our Custom Wood Sign Parties


Party Information

Art parties are not just for kids anymore. Let us bring out inner Picasso in you and all of your friends. We will arrive at your selected location for your painting party and quickly transform your space into an art studio in just a few minutes. No crazy sales pitch, no merchandise to purchase, and no pressure from a business representative, just a great time. You will feel like accomplished artists after you complete your masterpiece.

Often times our adult paint parties are accompanied by adult beverages, or as we call it “liquid infused inspiration” or “creative juices”! After asking many of our friends what is most important to them when they are out when friends their answer was simple; friends love to spend quality time together, laugh together, and just enjoy each other! Michigan Made Sign Co. adult painting parties offers all of the above during an art party, a great time full of laughter with no pressure in your own surroundings.

List of supplies we bring:

1. Instructor
2. Specified wood for signs
3. Paint, brushes, and stencils
4. Table coverings

Host Incentives

We know that hosting your own custom sign painting workshop is quite a bit of work.

You have to first find the location to host the event. Then you have to send out invitations, however that isn't as bad these days with the aid of social networks. You then have to plan and execute refreshments and hors d'oeuvres, secure tables and chairs for all your guests... SHEEEW!

Well don't worry. We at least recognize and appreciate you inviting us into your home, or establishment and for that, we offer you a reward. Once you get 10 guests, you get 10% of the amount your guests spend, retro active to the first guest.
For example: on an average, your customers spend about $50 per guest. After your 10th paid guest, you would have a $50.00 credit toward your own custom wood sign.

Want to host your own party?

Hosting your own party is FUN and REWARDING!